Insider Picks for Top 10 Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs to Maximize Earnings

Ever wonder if you can make money while sharing your travel tips? Well, you absolutely can with travel affiliate marketing. I’ve been around the block with these programs, and I’m here to spill the details on which ones are worth your time. Whether you’re into luxury resorts or budget hostels, I’ve got the scoop on how to turn your travel passion into some nice side cash. So, let’s get right into it. 

How to Choose a Travel Affiliate Program

First and foremost, choosing the right travel affiliate program is like picking your travel companion. Simply put, compatibility can make or break the journey. Here’s how to ensure a perfect match:

  • Commission Structure: Look for competitive payouts. Higher rates are enticing, but also consider the ease of earning and payment frequency.
  • Brand Recognition: Partner with well-known and trusted brands. A recognizable name can significantly boost your click-through and conversion rates.
  • Product Range: A broad selection offers more opportunities to find products that resonate with your audience.
  • Affiliate Support: Good support and resources from the program can help you maximize your earnings.
  • User Experience: If you wouldn’t book with them, don’t expect your audience to. Ensure the booking process is smooth and user-friendly.

Top 10 Travel Affiliate Programs

Alright, let’s get down to business. Choosing the right travel affiliate program is crucial if you want to make real money. Here are the top picks that have worked for me. These programs not only pay well but also offer great support and tools to help you succeed. Check them out:

#1. Viator

Viator travel affiliate program screenshot

URL to join: Viator Affiliate Program

Viator is the gold mine for anyone looking to enrich their travel content with tours and activities. What sets Viator apart for me is not just their exhaustive list of options but how they cater to niche interests, making it easy to match experiences with your audience’s preferences. Their commission structure is transparent and competitive, often hovering around 8%, which can add up quickly with the higher-priced tours. The platform itself is intuitive, making it a breeze to find links and track performance. For content creators focusing on travel experiences, Viator’s offerings can boost both your content’s value and your earnings.


KAYAK affiliate network screenshot

URL to join: KAYAK Affiliate Program

KAYAK has been a game-changer for me, primarily due to its comprehensive search capabilities for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Their affiliate program shines because of its simplicity and efficiency. You get access to a dashboard that’s straightforward, tracking clicks and conversions without a hassle. The commission varies by product but expect about 50% of the revenue share KAYAK earns from partners. This program is a gem for travel bloggers focusing on budget travel tips or travel planning, as it allows you to offer your audience a way to find the best deals out there.

#3. Expedia

Expedia group affiliate site screenshot

URL to join: Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia is like the Swiss Army knife of travel affiliate programs. Covering a vast range of travel services, from flights and hotels to car rentals and cruises, their inventory is unmatched. What I’ve found particularly beneficial is their tiered commission structure, which encourages and rewards higher bookings. Additionally, the support from Expedia’s affiliate team is top-notch, and they’re always ready to assist with optimization tips. Integrating their booking tools on your platform can significantly enhance your site’s functionality and earning potential, making it an indispensable tool for those serious about making money in the travel niche.

#4. GetYourGuide

Monetize travel content with GetYourGuide

URL to join: GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

GetYourGuide has been another game-changer, especially when it comes to offering localized experiences. Their focus on unique, often once-in-a-lifetime activities opens up a wealth of content opportunities. Commission rates are attractive, usually around 8%, and their affiliate support team is incredibly helpful, providing insights on top-selling experiences and new offerings. The platform is user-friendly, and integrating links or widgets into your content is straightforward. For affiliates keen on curating memorable travel experiences, GetYourGuide is a go-to for monetizing your recommendations.

#5. affiliate partner centre screenshot

URL to join: Official Affiliate Program’s affiliate program is a powerhouse for hotel bookings. Their platform stands out for its ease of use and the sheer volume of properties listed, which means you can always find something for your audience, no matter how specific their needs are. The commission model is performance-based, with the potential to earn up to 40% of the commission receives from properties. What’s impressed me the most is their search widget, which you can customize and embed directly on your site, providing a seamless booking experience. For those focused on accommodation recommendations,’s program offers unmatched depth and flexibility.

#6. Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor official travel affiliate program

URL to join: Official Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Who doesn’t know Tripadvisor? What sets this program apart for me isn’t just its global recognition but its depth. When you tie your content to Tripadvisor through their affiliate program, you’re not just linking to a booking site; you’re connecting your audience to a community. This is crucial because trust drives bookings. Plus, their model pays for clicks, not just completed bookings, which diversifies your earning opportunities. Not to mention, integrating Tripadvisor’s rich content, like reviews and rankings, naturally boosts the value of your own offerings, making your travel advice even more indispensable.

#7. Travelpayouts

screenshot of Travelpayouts affiliate site

URL to join: Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts really understands the travel affiliate landscape. Their platform is a beacon for niche bloggers and influencers because it aggregates offers from across the travel world, including lesser-known gems that can differentiate your content. What stands out is their commitment to transparency and ease of use. The dashboard gives you a clear view of your performance across various products and services, enabling strategic adjustments. Their payout system is also streamlined, offering a reliable and timely financial flow to support your business growth.

#8. World Nomads

World Nomads Partner program screenshot

URL to join: World Nomads Partners – Affiliate Program

Promoting World Nomads has added a layer of credibility to my travel safety content. It’s one thing to offer your audience tips on keeping safe; it’s another to provide them with a direct link to insurance that’s designed for the way they travel. Their affiliate program is a reflection of their brand ethos: straightforward, trustworthy, and geared towards the adventurous. The commission rates are compelling, but their product offers peace of mind and that truly sells itself.

#9. affiliate program through Expedia group site

URL to join: Affiliate Program

Much like Expedia, excels in giving affiliates like me a broad canvas to paint on. Their inventory spans the globe, ensuring you can find accommodation options that align with any travel story or theme you’re working on. What I particularly value is their Reward Nights system, which isn’t just a fantastic selling point for readers but also a unique feature in the affiliate space. Leveraging this in your promotions can significantly uplift your conversion rates because it offers tangible value beyond just a booking discount.

Expedia and are technically the same company, that’s why the URL above takes you to the Expedia Group Affiliate site.


Screenshot of travel affiliate program

URL to join: Affiliate Program is my go-to when focusing on budget travel content. Their deals are aggressive, and their affiliate program is structured to make the most of these offers. Highlighting their flash sales or last-minute deals has been a game-changer for engagement on my platform. The real kicker, though, is their comprehensive coverage of travel needs, from flights to entertainment tickets, providing a one-stop-shop experience for my audience and simplifying the planning process for cost-effective trips.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, jumping into travel affiliate marketing isn’t just about the extra cash; it’s a way to make your blog or social media work harder for you and your followers. These top picks I’ve shared are the ones that really pull their weight, both in terms of bucks and user experience. But remember – if you keep it real with your recommendations and stick to what aligns with your travel vibe, then you’ll see not just your earnings but also your credibility in the travel community soar. Here’s to making every post count!

Heather Hall
Heather Hall

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